June Zinn Hobby
85% designer/artist, 35% geek. (I know)

Pictures on walls, rocks, furniture, plants, even paper. Built my own Barbie house when I was 6 and designed my own clothes when I was 12 (my mom made some of them). Growing up in a military family and, moving around, I soaked up all the culture I could (especially our time in Puerto Rico).

Fast forward to lots of art classes and a degree in Advertising Design from the Art Institute. Working in ad agencies and design firms ever since has given me a very broad range of experience – a lot of hats have been worn. I know the best creative results are based on sound research and good planning. Being detail oriented I enjoy producing the work as much as designing. I work well independently, with teams, vendors and clients. My sense of humor is always nearby.

Specialties include logos/identity programs, web design, corporate and promotional print materials, package design & mock-ups, custom trade show & in-store displays, complex retouching, mixed media illustration. Education is ongoing to stay on trend (and earn my geek badge).

I’m also a mixed media artist and have long been involved in the arts. My husband Blake and I love traveling, hiking and playing laser pointer with our three cats.


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